Though not technically on the street, but on a subway platform…I was inexplicably delighted to see that one green balloon make a run for it.




  1. LOL! I also notice you managed to get two strapping burly boys into your shot. Coincidence? I don’t think so…!
    I don’t know if you remember the chapel of San Juan De Los Reyes in Toledo. Well, a yellow ‘Tweetie’ balloon has been stuck to the ceiling for the entire two years that I’ve been living here – it just refuses to deflate sufficiently to come down! Amuses me no end 🙂

  2. FIsh tail haha. Much nicer than a rat tail.

    I always want to approach people in Moscow with shirts like that (ie. with American universities) but figure that they probably don’t know anything about them — they just like the logo.

    • Well, that might not be fair bc I think plenty of US kids do the same thing w/logos. I own only one sweatshirt and it’s a Princeton one (so in the US I look like a pretentious brat) — a gift from my now-ex who was a P alum. So technically I am an impostor too, thus I cut others some slack.

      • OK, fair enough. But at least you know what Princeton is! I once approached a guy on the metro who was wearing a UW sweatshirt (I went to college in WI) and he was just a Russian guy who had bought it… somewhere? Didn’t even know where Wisconsin was!

        I’d be afraid to wear a random logo – who knows what you might end up pimping?

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