Yesterday I gave a tour of our studios to the President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who stopped by to give us an interview on his way to the Arctic Forum  with presidents of Russia and Finland. We also chatted for a good bit of time.

Moi. RT producer. President of Iceland.

I was going to ask him to take a selfie with me, but was thwarted.

It was completely unexpected — I am not sure if I was always the intended Hostess with the Mostess and last week’s intra-office discussion of the visit simply went in one ear and out the other, or if handing me this duty was a last-minute decision. Either way, in my mind I got about an hour’s notice and man, was I glad to have a pair of heels and a lipstick in my desk drawer!

The whole experience was pretty awesome, and one of the fun bonuses of my job.  I might be the only person to spend seven years in New York City with practically no celebrity sightings (I did see an episode of Law & Order: SVU being filmed back in 2005!), but I am trying to make up for it in Moscow.

Anyway. I was really super-psyched. Afterwards I called my mother, to share:

Me: Mom, oh my god, you will NOT believe who I have just been talking with!!! Guess, guess, guess!!! (I love asking people to guess. Sorry, everyone I have ever subjected to this.)

Mom (excited): Ex-boyfriend X? Ex-boyfriend Y?

Me: No, Mom, COME ON!

Mom (really excited): You met a new guy???

Me: No, Mom, it was the President of Iceland! (proceed to give her the story)

Mom (disinterested): Oh……(long pause)…….(completely serious) Is he available?

Me (exasperated): No, he is married. Also, he is 70.

Mom:  Hm……(thinks)…..(hopeful) Is there anyone eligible in his entourage?


UPDATE:  Iceland is quaint. This was probably the biggest political scandal of the year. Abuse of power and all that: http://www.newsoficeland.com/home/culture/daily-life/item/2281-presidential-car-illegally-parked-blocked-two-cars


  1. Iceland – so cool! And your mother’s reaction is hilarious! You look great – good call on the emergency heels and lipstick, I’m going to have to remember that! Right now I unglamorously keep an emergency raincoat and mittens in my car haha. But Icelandic presidents are not that common in Canadian media haha 🙂

    • Not here either! I seriously got lucky with the outfit – I’ve been sick AND it’s been cold and raining for 2 weeks, and non-broadcast people dont really have a dress code so a couple of days last week I showed up in cargos, a hoodie and hiking boots. (PS – weirdly WP asked me to approve your comment again even tho we did that last time…)

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