I am not the only Muscovite driven to sartorial depression by summer ending. Once grey autumn clouds cover the city, everyone abandons their flashy, colorful and tacky get-ups in favor of all black, all the time. Man, woman, child, the elderly – it’s 50 shades of black till May Day.

Looking grim on the metro commute.

Looking grim on the metro commute.


16 thoughts on “FADE TO BLACK

  1. I almost always wear all black (ok, sometimes dark grey) — I just favor it. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty glad when Muscovites get in line with my sartorial choices and ditch the neon madness!

    • But isn’t it fun to look at? I have seriously considered setting up a dummy street style website and getting business cards made so that people would let me take photos of their ridiculous outfits. Btw, with this one, I took some pictures of the posters on the car walls first, and then pretended to shoot the floor or something – and then ran out. I am SO afraid of getting beat up for my paparazzi ways here!

  2. Those two people (guy and older chick) looking at you seem SOOO happy that you’re taking a picture. I can just feel the warmth and excitement through my computer screen.

  3. this is crazy. we were buying winter coats last weekend and i picked up a black one and J asked when was the last time I wore black….weird. I didn’t even realize it. I’ve barely worn any black in the past year. I think it’s bc I no longer have an office job, so I can get more creative instead of the black pant/shoe/top combo that was so easy at work. anyway! I don’t get the sense that you’d have an all-black wardrobe..especially fancy Anna!

    • Fancy Anna has 14 suits in her closet from her past life in NYC finance world. RT Anna goes, “it’s gross out, I’m wearing jeans.” Actually my corporate non-dresses uniform was wide-leg menswear-ish pants or pantsuits, with pointy flats. I really, really miss the pants. Belgium might be cold, wet and windy, but it’s European-clean.

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