Two and a half years ago Russia decided to do away with that whole Daylight Saving Time silliness, because of — according to Russia’s former President, now PM Dmitry Medvedev — “the unhappy cows and other animals that don’t understand the clocks changing and don’t understand why the milkmaids come to them at a different time.”

The VIPs. Image credit: XYZmaskin

The VIPs.                      Image credit: XYZmaskin

Normally, I wouldn’t give a cow’s ass about something like this: when you get about 4 hours of proper daylight from November through February, you know it’s going to be still dark when you leave for work and already dark when you clock out anyway.

However, about half of my social life (thanks, Internet!) and half of my professional duties are tied up in The West. And now, for the next half a year or so, the West is yet another hour farther away from me. This means 9pm business calls if I need to reach someone who’d just getting to the office on the West Coast, and having to wait till 5pm (usually my busiest time at work) so spill the beans and get emotional support from my best friend about a good/bad/confusing date I went on the night before.

Thanks, Mr President, for taking my needs into consideration. NOT.


COWS: 1 – ANNA: 0

I think I’ll be going out for a stake dinner tonight.


33 thoughts on “ANNA vs. THE COWS

  1. Groan groan groan over the puns.

    Thankfully all I have to worry about is remember what time to Skype with my parents. Serves you right for being such a high-flying бизнес-леди 🙂

  2. I think whoever invented daylight savings is the real person to blame. Here in the UAE there is none of such nonsense and when I realize that America is suddenly an hour further back, I just shake my head at how ridiculous they are for having such a tradition.

  3. What did Polly just call you?! Love the puns and the reason for no daylight saving time. I saw it on BBC news and had a good laugh at the time! I would like to end on a pun but I think Lady has used them all 😉

  4. We just need everyone else to take pity on their bewildered cows too. As for the puns, you all deserve a pat on the back 😉 sorry, but all the nice words were taken

  5. Okay, we have here in Germany the summer time and winter time. So we perk up every few months our clocks forward and back. There was even a good idea, why this changing of the clocks should have a meaning. But it turned out that it was all nonsense. Of course, in Germany everything is neat, and if we now even have the two times, then we change the not so simple back. We have to live with it. (Our cows but it seems to matter likely to see in their life anyway never the real sun) And to all of you in the East: Hey, even if the sun does not rise, then you know it first anyway!

  6. Those poor… poor cows. — My good God – that’s the most insane reasoning coming out of a politician’s mouth I’ve ever heard… nope, wait, now that I think about it I’d have to say that the politicos here in Canada and the US stay something at least equally as stupid just about every day. — I hear you on the challenge of dealing with time differences while doing business – I handled a fair number of international clients back during my ad-man days – the worst was having to hang around the office for conference calls at 7, 8, 9 pm to suit their schedules. Bleah! Don’t miss that part of the job so much. At all.

    • LOL, I am kind of a workaholic and I love the dynamism of the job (also, I never have to deal w the rush hour traffic bc I show up to work at noon-1pm), but when I cant rush the other party, I get very impatient and frustrated… 🙂 People should be on MY time!

  7. I am a little late here for the steak supper, but no crying over spilt milk. Still, I am hoofing up to the plate. The time change in Serbia was a week early. It through me off for a week calling the east coast or leaving FB messages, Always a gamble if someone leaves their phone alerts on, and inadvertently wake them with a message in the middle of the night. not even for the fun of a booty call. SORRY! I feel your pain. No cows to blame. But when I get back to the States, I will have a MR filet mignon in your honor.

    • Here, here – to the filet mignon!
      Yup, managing intercontinental affairs is hard enough with 8 hrs apart, but when things like that throw you for a loop every half a year…migraine-central!

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