On Fridays my colleagues and I usually go out for lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. In recent years many places have taken to offering wallet-friendly lunch specials, usually referred to bizness-lunch / бизнес-ланч menus – a welcome development in a city that for decades has been hovering at the top of the ‘Most Expensive Cities‘ lists.

Another way to save money when dining out is to take advantage of various promotional deals offered by eateries catering to the middle class in the non-central neighborhoods – just like the one where I happen to work. If you’re in Russia and on a budget, it serves you well to remember this word:


АКЦИЯ = AKTSIYA = literally means ACTION, but screams GREAT DEAL!

The place we went to today was running a buy one, get one free special on about 80% of the menu, including  drinks.

You know what that means, don’t you? That’s right – TWO Bloody Marys!

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Just so you know, I wasn’t the only one imbibing:

The gang's all here!

The gang’s all here! Left to right: Galiya, Sasha, Pasha, Ksenia and Sofia. 

Anyway…I also had an entree salad (Japanese Chicken Salad: shredded grilled chicken and veggies – which included pickled cucumbers – with mayo dressing, topped with deep-fried potato ‘straw’. Not very Japanese-sounding but very delicious), mushroom puree soup (traded for my 2nd salad in our table’s communal exchange), 8 pieces of salmon sushi, and the aforementioned two cocktails – all for about $20, including tip and tax. Not a bad deal for Moscow AT ALL.

The ambiance.

The ambiance.

The restaurant, Eurasia, claims to be the largest sushi chain in Russia and is a perfect example of Russia’s bizarre treatment of ‘ethnic cuisine’ – something I had discussed in one of my very first posts. Let’s take a quick look at the menu, shall we?

Something for everyone.

Something for everyone.

This is the list of Eurasia’s 20 most popular dishes. On it you will find: pork kebab, prosciutto & mushroom pizza, assorted maki rolls and noodles, cream of mushroom soup (it really was very good), shawarma, beef tortini and a dessert roll of ‘strawberries, banana and kiwi wrapped in sweet cream cheese and paper-thin rice dough’ (I am SO getting this next time!).

The shortcuts on the left will take you straight to your preferred offered cuisine. Please choose from the following options: Japanese, Uzbek, Mexican, Pizza and Hookah. Which of those things is not like the others? I think all of them!

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

31 thoughts on “MOSCOW EATS: A CALL TO ‘ACTION’

    • Ok, your next teaching gig should be in Japan, bc even compared to NYC this is FAR from impressive. Then again, you ARE in Kaliningrad right now… so even Moscow sushi must look good 🙂

  1. The food mash-up here is perhaps one of the most crazy-making things about Moscow. Going home from work (in the oblast’), I pass through a little village. In one of the little food stands there’s a sign that shows what they sell: “Shashlik, Lyulya kebab, pizza, steak, sushi.” WHY?!

  2. They do the same thing here – Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Turkish all in one restaurant 😉 We also have the biznesa deal – except ours are around 2 – 4 lats for soup or salad, main course and a drink 🙂
    Pasha is a bit of a cutie – I would have been nibbling on him… 😉

    • Pasha is one of my Russian BFFs (of which there are…two?), and my movie buddy and he will be very happy to hear that. I think he’s open to nibbling 🙂

      Btw, Chinese is nowhere to be found here. I am SO craving some General Tso’s chicken! Do you have that in Ireland?

      • Nope, first I’ve heard of it! Plenty of Chinese food though. And Chinese people! They’re living in fear of a Chinese invasion here 😉 I’d like a few Greek restaurants but there aren’t any here.

        Yes, Pasha definitely looked like the tastiest thing there 😉 Apart from maybe the vodka. Of course. 🙂

      • General Tso’s chicken, Kung Pao(?) chicken…. these are examples of “Chinese” dishes that only exist in the US. Americans do not realise this, and they routinely go hunting through European Chinese restaurants, baffled as to why they can’t find any “real” Chinese food – it’s quite amusing 😉

  3. Buy one, get one free drinks? And you stopped at… two? Oh I’m so disappointed! Kidding. Having to go back to work ruins all the midday drinking fun. Gotta love a menu that has something for everyone — actually it all looked decent enough — sounded like a good time. But poor Pasha is solidly in the friend zone? With all you lovely ladies? Poor guy 😦 — well, unless he can get himself to Riga obviously.

    • It was an hour and a half into my workday, Mike. I will make up for the booze shortfall over the weekend (btw, some friend you are – it’s ok for me to load up on empty booze calories while you’re getting all svelte and sexy? I see how it is…).

      Pasha is not lacking in the Ladies’ Love department, leave the dude alone.

      • Oh good man Pasha! — Ha-ha! Yeah – sorry to be living my drinking life vicariously through my on-line friends… but I do miss my alcohol… my sweet, sweet beer…mmmm. Party for me Anna – party for me! Just make sure to share some stories too 🙂

  4. Competition for my tapas posts, I see… got round three commencing in 59 minutes.
    Last night, I went out for a drink with a friend and we had three glasses of delicious red wine, three beers, and three lots of simple tapas (ham, carcamusas, cheese) to nibble on. We paid €10.50. TOGETHER, not each.

  5. Yay for lunch time “Specials” and Happy Hour. We love them as the food is usually pretty good especially in Indian or Thai Restaurants, and the prices excellent. Usually about €5.00 not including drinks. As for “buy two, pay for two” – I’m buying four!

    • There are definitely even more budget-friendly restaurants offering specials for about the same €5 equivalent, but definitely not sushi (and also not including drinks), and they are generally more low-key eateries. What we do NOT have, however, is easily available Thai and Indian. In fact, I get eat proper Thai only when I go back to the US 😦

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