Earlier this week, in a guest post for A Girl And Her Travels, I wrote about how the Moscow Metro is the place to consummate your romance. But what I forgot to mention was that it is also the place to find it. Don’t take my word for it — let The Metro speak for itself:

Metro Love.

Metro Love

This is a new advert by the Moscow administration, and it is aimed at promoting the use of public transportation, particularly the Metro. What’s the selling point?

“You can’t find love stuck in traffic.

You won’t catch a smile there.”


Did they meet on the Metro too?

Did they meet on the Metro too?

Funny enough, my parents met on the Moscow Metro 30-odd years ago. Well, my Dad spotted my Mom on the platform, and then followed her to her destination, till he worked up the courage to speak to her (hi, stalker-Dad!).

Do you have a public transport love story?


30 thoughts on “UNDERGROUND LOVE: An Update

    • Thanks, Jessie! Apparently it took my dad several stops and a couple of blocks till he started chatting up mom in the grocery line. Not creepy at all!

  1. Hadn’t seen this poster yet. Maybe it’s the way to get less Muscovites driving.

    Love the story about your parents! The Russky chased me off a bus, so yay for public transport!

  2. Ahh, that’s so sweet and much more romantic than meeting someone at work. My friend has just got married to a guy she met on a boat so I agree that transport offers great dating potential 😉

  3. I request your parents do a guest post of how they met, from each side! We’re at the airport and I just want to creepily stay and watch the arrivals gate love connections…it’s my favorite!

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