22 thoughts on “VICTORY

  1. inspite of all the negativity and malicious glee coming from the western press, we still did it. im especially happy that americans didnt take any medals in mens hockey. i didnt see it as a national tragedy when russian hockey team lost. yet the yankies posted so many gleefull pics of sad vladimir putin after the lost hockey game along with their general hate campaign against russia that reflected in every single tweet, in every single talk show… a bunch of ignorant people ranting on a country they know nothing about… made me lose my respect for them a great deal i must say… and after the usa won russia in hockey, mainley due to a judge`s mistake (he should have seen that the gates were moved and russia wouldnt have lost a score), anyway after winning they should have concentrated on further play instead of making fun of russia and putin… they tried to kill our olympic spirit, totally forgot about the principle of olympics that its not about the victory, its all about paricipation… frankly if it wouldnt been for that, i wouldnt even care so much about how many medals we take home. honestly. i would have been happy even if the usa had topped us in the olympics like they always do if it only wouldnt have been for american journalists` absolute lack of tact and incredible arrogance. i guess russians got so pissed with that, we decided to pull ourselves together and kick back.
    no i do not support the ridicoulous russian anti gay law and many other bulshit happening in russia but there was absolutely no need for the americans to turn olympics in a festival of whining, complaining and lies. u dont teach someone tolerance by hating. i hope my rant is not too long. all im saying is, according to the old russian saying – dont say hop before you jump. russians didnt talk much during those olympics but they sure brought lots of action. and while i am happy for every single athlete winning on those games, all i can say is – GO RUSSIA!!! what doesnt kill us makes us stronger.

    • I don’t want to single out US/Americans [some of my best friends are Americans! ok, almost all ๐Ÿ˜‰ ], but I must say, this was a fitting end after all the #SochiFail and #SochiProblems, a proper response to everyone laughing when we were in 7th place one week in, or lost, painfully, at hockey. I am so happy and so proud. We are a very special snowflake ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Also, this is a general than you to all of my friends on here (even those who don’t comment but I know support me and the blog silently) who stayed friendly and civil or at least weren’t asses to me re: the Olympics. It is much appreciated – especially because most of you are Americans, according to WordPress stats ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congratulations Anna! You are a team spirit leader and you should be proud.
    I’m British so the winter olympics really isn’t our thing as you can see, but where there’s a home crowd anything can happen. Hint. Hint. The 2012 London Olympics!

    • I work w a number of Brit expats and most of them were surprised that GB did so well in London…like, there was so little interest from them. Even more so for the winter games. Except for CURLING! They all went mad for curling! What is up with that?

  4. Yes, Russia wins the medal standings, true…but what Putin *really* wanted was hockey gold. I’m disappointed it wasn’t a Canada-Russian final, that would have been fun.

    And re: the per capita thing that Lady of the Cakes brought up — that would make Canada look all the better! Especially when you add to it the fact that Canada puts virtually zero dollars into supporting the athletes. It’s amazing we manage to do as well as we do with no support in the infrastructure or with big dollars like other countries (Hello, USA…) get.

    • Who cares what Putin wanted? Hockey gold is also what the US wanted to ‘show those Russkies,’ you should have seen the comments I was getting on FB for weeks about that, how ‘we’re gonna ruin your precious Olympics!’ Contrary to the popular belief, these weren’t Putin Games. And however disappointing that hockey loss (and Plusshenko quasi-retirement), people on the streets were overjoyed with how the whole thing went. It was totally a ‘pinch me’ moment, especially with the Russians taking the whole podium in the 50km race – what a photo finish, 3 Russian flags above the arena, and Russian anthem closing the ceremonies.

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