Russians’ love affair with animal-print clothing is pretty famous, and it manifests itself most strongly in the colder seasons. Just a touch’ of leopard as an accent is rarely enough; usually, the larger the swath of fabric, the better. The snaps below were taken over a handful of outings in Moscow, mostly on my commute to or from work. As you can see, leopard-mania afflicts all ages, body types, genders and even species. Hopefully you won’t start seeing spots!


45 thoughts on “IT’S A ZOO

  1. Love it! I so like your pictures. I think I must be Russian in my soul Anna ‘cos in my recent post I’m actually wearing such a thing. I also have a furry hat that is tiger striped. Think what you will…….! 🙂

    • I have a snow-leopard lined mink coat and leopard-print Zara ballet flats, that’s about it. I think I would have embraced it more (I actually don’t mind it in principle) if it hadn’t been so ubiquitous here, and deployed in less than glam ways on less than glam ladies.

    • That’s true (and I do own a pair of leopard-bring ballet flats). But I think what these photos show is the Russians’ penchant from wrapping themselves in huge swaths of animal-print, sometimes cross-breeding several animals in the process, with very little regard for proper styling 🙂

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