FLORIDA, Day 1 in Numbers

Sunrises watched: 1, courtesy of jet lag

Miles walked: 8, mostly along the beach, from Pompano to Fort Lauderdale proper

Steps walked from my patio to the waters of the Atlantic: 30

Fake breasts spotted: 3 pairs

Real sharks spotted: 1 baby one, being flipped around by very strong surf

Non-Bud Light beers consumed: 3 — something German bottled, a lemon shandy and hard cider (it counts)

Russian Rubles left for Sandbar’s ‘foreign friends’ wall: 100 RR note

Local cuisine sampled: not enough, though Mahi-Mahi fried tenders were delicious

Gorgeous Vikings met: one, Samson from Norway, sadly on his last day in town

SPF level of purchased sunscreen: 30, though my base impulse is still to skip it and get really tan (burned)




35 thoughts on “FLORIDA, Day 1 in Numbers

    • That’s my regular camera. I wanted to touch the jelly fish but decided that probably wasnt smart. But it looked so cute, like candy!

  1. I’m also shocked by the dearth of implants! 3 pairs is like the average I see in any given day in San Diego (Not even an implant-rich city compared to LA). I laughed about your instinct to just burn in the sun. I used to almost never wear sunscreen (and instead had careful but regular sun exposure), but my first summer home from Moscow I was SO pale and spent an unintentionally long time at the beach and… you can guess the rest.

    • I learned on this trip that my body has gotten un-used to processing fried foods. So now I am sticking to quality grilled fish πŸ™‚

  2. Now that you’ve rested and had a brilliant time without us all. On a lovely beach. With yachts. Cocktails and bubbly.
    Soooooo. Spill the beans. Best bits? Worst bits? Only 3 fake boobs? Are you sure you looked properly. Ah well, with all that plastic might have been fake pecs perhaps!

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