I<3 NY! Part Three: Manhattan

Such a beautiful photo ode to my former home city, it made me nostalgic to tears.

And all the roads we have to walk are winding...

Save the best for last, I always say. Or not, but that’s not the point. Part One and Part Two weren’t bad, right? Today marks the last, and my favorite, part of my weekend in New York: Manhattan.

Image courtesy of city-data.com

Ah, the island of Manhattan. I’ve always loved it, always wanted to live there (damn you, poor choices of my youth), and I’ve always tried to visit when I can. Being as that I am a competitive racer every weekend from March to November, and I also no longer have an apartment at which to crash when I visit, it’s put a drastic dent in the bi-monthly (or even weekly!) trips to the city.

In previous years, when Anna (expat blog found here) lived there, I would take Metro-North for $28 round trip, and cab to her place. We’d have dinner (typically sushi delivery from Yuko Sushi on…

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