Spring has been slow to come to Moscow this year. In fact, most of March and the first half of April looked and felt like like preceding December and February (we got a couple of weeks of proper frosts and a dusting of snow in January): temperatures in single digits Celsius, grey skies, wilted green-ish lawns. And yet the signs that Spring is almost here are popping up with increasing frequency. The sun is beaming into my window by 6 am.Β  Rental bikes have refilled the racks that stood empty all winter. Building facades are being washed and side walk borders and railings are getting a fresh coat of paint, Moscow’s patent green and yellow combo. Tree buds look just about ready to pop with new foliage. And of course there is the most spring-y celebration all, the Holy Easter.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it, and Happy Spring to everyone else — I can feel it, it’s almost here!


20 thoughts on “THE RITES OF SPRING

    • That’s the first time I had seen any Moscow churches do such kind of a decoration. Now I want to wander around the city to see if there’s more!

  1. Ah, the annual painting of the fences πŸ™‚

    And that’s so exciting the red bikes are back! Truly a happy spring!

  2. Great photos! You’ve put a ‘spring’ in my step har har πŸ˜‰ Definitely spring here too! Close to 20 degrees the last few days! Even the heating has finally gone off!

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