EUROVISION – Does It Get Your Vote?

Europe’s maddest pop music competition kicks off tonight. I have contributed my thoughts on the contest to two posts (linked below) over at Continental Breakfast Travel. Hop on over, weigh in, and let me know, will you be watching? will you be voting? do you even care? does your country? 

Does anyone take Eurovision seriously?

Can the UK win Eurovision 2014? 

Buranovskiye Babushki, the Misses Congeniality of Eurovision 2012

Buranovskiye Babushki, the Misses Congeniality of Eurovision 2012. Image credit:  Vano Shlamov/AFP/GettyImages



35 thoughts on “EUROVISION – Does It Get Your Vote?

      • Oh Anna, you charm me, though our politics are so different 🙂

        I rarely watch EuroVision except to watch the craziest acts.

        • Hey, I’d say that I have done an admirable job staying away from politics on my blog despite my actual job, no?

          See, the crazy acts annoy me, because… just WHY? But if someone is a vocal sensation, I will tune in.

    • Ireland should be embarrassed to death because of the jedward. two freaking times you put up people who cannot sing! in all honesty though, eurovision will always be a freak show. crazy embarrassing singers demonstrating weirdest dances, accents, acrobatic tricks and showcasing all the wonderful weirdness of europe. much more entertaining than carefully scripted mtv shows. uk an direland have world class performers that would kill all the competition but it would be boring plus thats not what eurovision is about. its about weird people from different countries desperately trying to sing in good english while at the same doing extremely crazy stuff such as driving up the wall on a motorbike or running inside a wheel or skaing on the stage…. I mean where else will see smth like that? so yeah eurovision is a freak show. no wonder russian grannies nearly won 2 years ago. its not about being a good singer its about being unique

      • I am embarrassed about Jedward – trust me! And the turkey in a shopping trolley! My favourite entry of the last few years was Euphoria – just a great pop song, well performed. No tricks – and it won. Shows it can be done I suppose!

        • yeah and abba along with some other great performers won and were discoveries of eurovision. but the whole point of that competition is to see europe in its diversity. thats why the acts people enjoy the most are authentic acts performed in native languages instead of english and show uniceness of a country. I loved serbian song from 2012 and I loved the finnish band lordi who won by the way some time ago, but I love athentic acts the most. I really odnt like it when singers are desperately trying to dublicate america and uk and their english is not very good. how cool would it be if latvia had sent steak to make for the eurovision=) I would totally vote for them.

          much better then russians or ukrainians with their absolutely generic songs that will be forgotten in a week. as for a clean quality pop song like you said, Uk and ireland could send robbie williams or one direction or smth like that and they would sweep away the whole competiton so its not fair. the uk singers are usually trying to be original on eurovision while the rest of the worlds is trying to imitate the brits. I wish I d rather see original energetic songs about love, life performed by singers in their own native language according to thier own traditions. there is so much authentic alternative rock in germany and austria but instead look what a creature we sent to eurovison:

          there is so much gypsy and romanian inspired chalga music in bulgaria and moldova but instead they send some uninteresting boys with fake voices. I want more good quality unice music in different languages!!!
          by the way what do you think of conchitta wurst? creeps the hell out of me

          • I saw her interviewed and she actually seemed pretty nice 🙂 I was expecting to be a bit freaked as well but once you forget about the beard…

          • I think the diversity argument is actually a very interesting one, I just wish more picks surved that purpose 🙂 That’s why I will always cheer for those grannies.

          • not only must it be authentic and diverse it must also be sincere. thats why buranovskie babushki won. or look at this awesome performance by the lovely moldovan band zdob si zdub:

            it doesnt have to be a folk song it can be local type of pop music or rock as long as people dont worry too much about sounding “british”

            but you must not overrate the ethnic pride concept. polish girls on this eurovision were embarrassing. especially due to the fact that they were quite pretty had nice costumes and a nice concept of slavic girls pride but they were so slutty and their song was so lame that they completely screwed it for all slavic people in the audience. lame!

  1. I like watching, partly nostalgia I think because I enjoyed it as a child – I liked the glimpses of other countries and languages. Now I think it has almost gone beyond awful and is enjoyable for its awfulness, though from what i saw last night there seemed to be some better music this year. Or maybe I just slept through the bad bits. And amazingly I bumped into Conchita in Amsterdam a few weeks ago – she was doing a photo shoot and got in the way of my own photography. Perhaps I’ll post the photo.

    • Oh you absolutely must! I really wasnt into Conchita’s performance – I really liked the UK team. I am not into giving out the novelty votes, whatever the positive social impact.

      • if you have to have a drag queen on eurovision it better be verka serduchka who just entertains the crowd instead of this bearded freak. I dont mind drag as long as its funny and entertaining but she was too dramatic about it. it was like, yeah Im a girl with a beard how do you like it, if you dont like it you re a homophobe!!

        • Nooooo. I will never be on board with Serdyuchka. She is obnoxious and on Russian TV ALLLLLL the time, for the last decade. At every gala concert, holiday show, etc.

          • yes but better her than conchita. its funny though as far as I can tell Russians and Ukrainians love verka but cannot stand that bearded frek girl. are you guys gay friendly after all? strange people

          • So, bc I am really out of touch with Russian pop culture I asked my sister why Verka is ok but Conchita is not. Apparently Verka is perceived as just a stage character, no different from when men played all the female parts back in Shakespearean theater. And even though the man who portrays her is widely known to be gay, he is not “parading his alternative lifestyle as a PR campaign.” So there you have it. Personally I dont care for Verka or Conchita bc of their performances which I found to be grating / cloying respectively.

  2. Even though I actually know the results now. Yes, and yes. And isn’t Conchita Wurst a scream. I like my men to be clean-shaven but girls, stop shaving and keep your beard!
    I generally support both the UK and Germany, and the German papers are having a field day with Conchita’s surname: Wurst. 🙂

    • It’s the talk of the office today (with some discussion about transvestite vs transgender vs gay – those distinctions dont get a lot of play in Russian public discussion), but I can only eyeroll bc ‘who cares eurovision.’ To be honest, I couldnt be bothered even when our grannies participated. Like, sure, it’s cute, but I kind of dont care. Oh god that’s horrible, isnt it?

      • I’m pro gay, lesbian, straight, transvestite, transgender, bisexual, and also very jealous when I see lovely “ladies” with long legs, flat boobs, and deep voices. I think it’s rather nice that alternative sexuality is brought out of the dark and into the mainstream. 🙂

    • This is the perfect comment from an American. So: a bunch of C-level, semi-professional pop performers, one from each European (and now Central Asian) country (oh yeah, first each country votes whom to send) get together for a week, put on RIDICULOUS costumes and perform ‘musical acts’. Then people and countries vote in some insane politicized cliquish system. Usually something marginally less ridiculous wins, and the home country of the winner gets to host the shindig next year. It’s been happening for decades, and apparently it’s responsible for discovering ABBA and Celine Dion?

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