It was a quickie, but MAN was it satisfying! Find more salacious details in my guest essay over at Eff It, I’m On Holiday

I hopped off in Marienplatz, the city’s gorgeous Gothic central square, wandered the adjacent streets taking photos of porcelain-rendered gingerbread houses and pork-rendered sausages, and finally parked my tired bottom at a huge beerhouse, where I proceeded to order half a menu – to make sure I taste all the regional specialties recommended by my friend. If the ever-pleasant staff though me ridiculous, sitting by myself, eating from four plates and drinking from two 0.75L steins (a blonde and an amber), they never showed it.


    • Germany moved up on my list based on Munich alone! (also bc I was always struck by how clean Frankfurt airport was every time I had a layover there).

  1. Ahrhg, yes, the bloody MVV ticketing system!!! I’m from there, and I can’t work it 😦 I always rather queue up at the counter than battle with the machines, coz I just know I’ll get it wrong.

    • There are like 30 ticket options, right? It was insane. I did buy the right ticket eventually – thanks to the helpful people of Munich – but I never stamped it as it turns out I was supposed to. Bc you people just let anyone ride your trains!

        • So I gathered on the way back to the airport, but everyone else was so frigging nice that I think if I innocently handed an unstamped ticked to the controller I could have maybe been cut some slack as a stupid American tourist? 😀

          • Don’t rely on it… they can come down pretty hard on people who break the rules, and be it out of genuine ignorance, rather than the intention to cheat.

            I bought the wrong ticket once in Hamburg to get to Lübeck, and I was genuinely surprised when the Kontrolleur on the train just let it go without making a big deal out of it.

  2. Beautiful! It’s good you took advantage of your short time there and didn’t just stay in the airport (or bus station, or wherever). I’d love to go someday!

    • I spent 5 hrs at the airport on the way to Prague and it was exhausting, just bumming around and trying to nap in uncomfortable chairs. I decided – never again!

  3. Wonderful Munich. It’s such a picturesque place and even though I live and love Berlin, Munich is a very close second with it’s chocolate boxed houses and ledderhosen beer-drinking hussies!

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