I don’t know how it came about — whether it was a centralized program or several community initiatives — but over the last few years many Moscow buildings have been overtaken by gorgeous works of art. It pops up unexpectedly throughout the city, on garages and apartment complexes, in the Center and on the periphery, brightening up the spaces that need it. I hope that there will be more to come.

For more Moscow Street Art, go here.

Programming note: In the last few weeks I have been somewhat absent from this blog on account of work and …more work. For the rest of June I will likely be entirely absent on account of non-existent WiFi access in Crimea, where I will be vacationing. On the plus side, no WiFi = no work, no binge-watching CBS procedurals, no reading celebrity gossip for hours. Instead there will be hiking, swimming, horses, Romanov’s palaces, outdoor showers, winery tours, dolphins and hopefully a whole lot of writing for H&A. See you in July!

30 thoughts on “MOSCOW STREET ART – part 2

    • Thank you so much for enjoying and sharing my post!
      I generally do not cover political issues on this blog (1-I want to stay sane; 2-I am a spokesperson for a federally-funded news network so it’s a conflict somewhat, but I am happy to chat via email), but there will be a lot more street art, festivals, and other fun cultural stuff of Moscow coming this way!

  1. Wow,are you going to make a trip to Crimea?How will you get there?By plane or by the ferry?According to some reports Ukrainian border guards do not allow Russian citizens to transit the Ukrainian controlled territories by trains.I dont know if there any battles between Luhansk Peoples Republic and Ukrainian army on the small Ukrainian part of the railroad Moscow Krasnodar but if the tank shell is hit a train it will be sad.

      • If you using a Dobrolyot?If you do,please write a review about this new lowcoaster.It is very interesting for many Russians and non Russian tourists to know about the conditions on board of their planes.

        • Sadly I’m not! They announced those flights like 2 weeks after I bought my Aeroflot ticket (RR7500/$220 – RT). I’ve heard Dobrolyot might require additional luggage fees, and as I am going for almost 3 weeks (leaving Thursday morning), I am definitely checking luggage. I have never flown Aeroflot domestic, I will definitely write about that!

  2. Wow! That street art in Moscow looks great! I like the marvel comic art and the “don’t hurry” references!
    Crimea? Interesting! I look forward to hearing more about it. All the activities sound good. An active holiday is what I like, no faffing about so that when one comes back, one needs another holiday to get over the previous one LOL!
    Have a great break and have a lorra, lorra fun!

  3. These are all super cool – I love street art (as I’m sure you’ve guessed). It takes an otherwise ugly, boring space and livens it up.

    • Agreed, absolutely.
      And Moscow has plenty of such “canvasses”, which is why I am so happy that the muraling of things really seems to have taken off lately.

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