Perhaps as an over-reaction to Russia’s endless gray winters, during which most of the population dons head-to-toe black and blends in its bleak surroundings, only occasionally breaking up the monotony with pops of leopard print, for four warm months Muscovites break out the brightest colors and the loudest patterns — often together. Printed pants are very in right now. Matching is important, but for many ladies that does not mean pink earrings that will compliment a pink belt against a neutral outfit; instead it’s a pink top with a pink skirt and a pink handbag. And white shoes. Russians love white shoes!

Click on the first photo and look through the rest as a slideshow if you’d like to see my commentary on individual outfits.



42 thoughts on “A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES

  1. Excellent! I especially like no. 6, with the two clashing greens ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We still have the wave of printed leggings in full swing. The fact that you should cover your arse with some kind of garment (tunic, long shirt), unless you’re of model proportions, seems to be passing most people by, though.

  2. Enjoyed this very much. Setting questions of taste aside, it does look as if lady Muscovites now have discretionary money to spend! Does this mean there are no longer very old frail women begging for a coin in the underpasses?

    • There are still those – the pensioners dont make that much money (although 10 times more than a decade ago, and I mean real income levels). But yes, most Moscovites have a comfortable level of discretionary income and they spend a lot of it on looking fashionable. Or, “fashionable.”

        • A lot of beggars in Moscow have an icomes much higher than an mechanics worker in the Russian province.Most of these beggars are agents of the drug dealers,police or sometimes both of them.For example one of these beggars leave the underpass at 20:00 and change his dirty clothes into normal ones,get into his car and drive away.The other beggars are simply homeless alcoholics.

          • Oh I definitely do not agree, and I always have and always will give money to the elderly and the crippled. And on an odd chance someone is faking it? There’s not much joy or dignity in begging for money on the metro. Whatever lot in their lives causes them do it, it’s got to be worse than mine.

    • I KNOW. I actually have gorgeous neon-yellow dress with gray trim from Ann Taylor, which I’ll wear as soon as I put down that beer and sausage for a few months…

      • Maybe you should just go for it anyway. If it’s neon enough, no one will even notice those extra beers tucked away!

        • It’s a fitted shift. It will literally split. And it wont be the first of my dresses to suffer that fate in Russia… (seriously, stress-eating is a bitch. I plan on leaving 10 lbs in Crimea)

          • Oh I love that (and I’m totally jealous that you can wear that color). I expect with all the adventuring you’ll be doing it won’t be hard to slip back in once you get back to Moscow.

        • Thatโ€™s the plan. There will also be 90% less drinking (bc I do 90% of it at/bc of work) and living on cake and sausage (seriously, RT is the worst place to work if you want to lose weight. itโ€™s after 11 pm, I am in the office, raiding the stashโ€ฆ)

          • I’m sure! I think the most weight I ever gained was when I worked nights at a pretty quiet restaurant. Food was always out at the end of the night and we got several free drinks while cleaning. Dangerous!

            (I say, as I drink my second rum and coke of the day while fussing around on the internet…)

          • YES! We celebrate not just birthdays, but work anniversaries, any awards we win, good weather, bad weather, pay-day, pre-vacation, post-vacation… I mean, if we dont have three cakes at once on our office table, it means there’s a nuclear holocaust.

    • iPhone, baby. Plus I am tall, so I dont have to point the camera up, and can pretend I am seriously studying a map or something. Yeah, I know I sound like a creepy stalker…

  3. did the last lady catch you taking that photo? i think the striped pants with black+yellow jacket takes the cake. and that chartreuse jacket+floral pants girl would look really cute after some streamlining of accessories.

    • Not sure, lol, I tried to look ‘busy’ and very consumed by my phone. I like the neon jacket too – it’s just the rest of it that pushes it overboard. Like, most of these outfits could be streamlined, but Russians dont know where to stop – or dont know when to! Btw, I have my Brussels tickets and hotel ๐Ÿ™‚

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