CRIMEA, Day 12: Rain

Novy Svet. Storm.

It’s raining in Novy Svet. Not a light drizzle either, nor a quick tropical shower. It’s thunder and lightning and a downpour that lasts for most of the day. A real storm. Horse trek into the mountains is cancelled. Boats are anchored away from the shore.

Crimea needs rain badly. The drought that struck the region for the last three years has damaged the land and hurt its people. So this rain is welcomed. And yet — somewhat feared.

Rain scares tourists. The beach-side promenade is deserted, and so are the shops and cafés along it.

Sipping a local red and a Turkish coffee while sitting in my spot, I feel like I have the whole town to myself. Almost. Here and there I see heads bobbing between the dark turquoise waves. There is no way to tell if they are locals or tourists, but either way, the rain doesn’t scare them. In fact, it seems to excite them. They dive, splash around, do laps across the lagoon. I concede, there is something romantic and daring about the experience.

I love rain, but not with such wild abandon. For now, I am staying on drier ground.

Shelter from the Storm.

30 thoughts on “CRIMEA, Day 12: Rain

  1. Ugh, rain! It rained only one time in Paris, but I feel we made the most of that day in the end. We’re currently having some very hot days (32+), I don’t know if rain would make it better or not….

    • I would welcome quite a lot of rain in Moscow right now (not on the weekend tho – I am going to the beach). But in a resort area, everything just shuts down. And it got cold!

  2. After the Ukrainians blocked the Crimean canal the rainy weather saved the harvest.The local rivers cant provide full requirements of farmers but the rain filled the water reservours and destroyed the Ukrainian dam in the channel.

    • Yup, I took advantage.
      This was supposedly almost off-season and in some places I was SHOCKED by the crowds. Keep in mind that half of Ukraine is boycotting Crimea as it is, and I shiver at the thought of going in August in years past.

  3. Ooh wild abandon rain is my favourite! We’ve been getting bonkers storms in Stockholm the last few weeks (for some reason, it has been thinking it’s a tropical country, bless!) and I love it! Though I don’t love having to take my shoes off and wade across squares that have been flooded, to be fair…

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  5. You look very pretty and thoughtful. Just like a writer should LOL!
    I like rain too. Coming from the British Isles, I appreciate that rain is what made England the colour that it is! Hmm. That sounds strange. I’ll start again! Rain is what made England green!

    I love the pitter patter sounds of rain at night or streaming down the window sill although it doesn’t stream down in Germany. It follows the allocated route and doesn’t get messy or muddy, unless it’s inside our back garden LOL!

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