*I swear that neither the Russian government nor my place of employment have paid me a kopek for the 10,000 words I have written about how “Crimea is Awesome” – though on second thought they should totally comp me this vacation.

1 Horses and horizons, Sudak, Crimea 3 - CopySo, why did I go? I had specific goals for this vacation: regain some mental sanity/physical health after a very stressful spring; get back on a horse (literally) after several failed attempts to do so in Moscow post-riding accident; catch up on my writing; and have an #adventure. Oh, and I wanted to do it all on a pretty tight budget – something which is always a challenge because I want to do, eat and buy everything whenever I travel. I came back from Crimea grinning, glowing, several pounds lighter, with 15,000 hand-written words and 90 kilometers in the saddle under my belt – and 18 days of adventure, all for a price of a 7-day vacation in Italy, Spain or Croatia.

But why should YOU go?

Here are four really good reasons to visit Crimea:

  1. Go if you are into Nature. This small peninsula has it all: forest trails for hiking, mountains for climbing, rolling hills for riding over and underground cave lakes for exploring. Go on foot, or on a stallion, or an ATV. Go in a group with an expert guide, or, if you’re a little bit mad, go alone! Crimea won’t hold you back.1 bio 6 Emine-Bayir-Hasar - The Great Hall 1 - Copy
  2. Go if you are into History. Whether it’s ancient, medieval or modern. Greek, Byzantine, Tatar, Ottoman, Italian or Russian. Whether you like mountain fortresses, royal palaces or World War II battleships, Crimea has endless tales to tell and will keep ardent history buffs fully enthralled.Backchisaray Palace 2 - sm Vorontsov Palace exterior Asia Minor palace - Copy
  3. Go for Sea, Sand & Sun. Ok, so I didn’t exactly luck out with the latter every single day of my vacation, but this really was a freak year, weather-wise. Crimea is a great resort destination with clean water, sandy of pebble beaches, myriads of cafes and bars and dozens of water-bound activities (sailing, fishing, parasailing, tubing, swimming with dolphins, jet skis, water skis, etc.) offered daily even in small sea-side towns.
  4. Go if you are a Wino. I won’t judge. Oh, Crimea… so many vineyards, so little time! From the champagnes of Novy Svet to the deep reds of Massandra to the ports and cognacs of Koktebel you don’t have to spend a minute “dry”, all the while without stepping a foot into the Black Sea, if that is your wish. You might even learn something during the tastings (yup, they do those in English too). And you get to do all this amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

Road Simferopol to Sudak, Vineyards - Copy Novy Svet champagne Novy Svet champagne cellarsUntil next time, Crimea!

Sunset on the Black Sea


17 thoughts on “CRIMEA: FOUR REASONS TO GO*

  1. Your posts have already convinced me that it’s a place I would enjoy a lot. And I do want to go. I just wish the political situation was different 😦

    • I know, me too. I actually had a very, very long post drafted on the whole people/politics/security issue, but that was done before the things got really tense in eastern Ukraine, so it might pop up here next spring as an addendum to this Crimean saga. But generally, I think the place is magical, and I will gladly go again – very soon!

        • Not now, esp. with what’s going on in eastern Ukraine at the moment . There are plenty of other forums for people to discuss these particular issues, plus I have already, albeit briefly, expressed my thoughts and observations in comments to earlier posts when prompted. But in short – everyone was beyond happy about returning to Russia (that’s how everyone saw it), and more patriotic than anyone I had ever met or spoken with in Russia proper.

    • Funny thing is, I think my equestrian guides would have NO problem with me bringing a bottle of vino along for the ride. Actually they might have preferred it, so that I could have eased my nerves.

  2. You know how I feel about nature….my love-hate relationship with it….but your first reason is enough to convince me. The wine and beaches are just a plus 🙂

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