My awesome Crimean vacation had to end some time and then it was back to work — and back to Moscow.  Contrary to popular assumptions about the discomforts of spending the summer in the city, there are some unexpected opportunities to be found in this experience, especially in Moscow. Last month I wrote about how to have a perfect summer day in Moscow for YELL.RU, Russia’s bilingual reference, reviews, and recreation resource. Take a look:

The best thing about Moscow in August is that you can have the city practically all to yourself. With millions decamped on their annual summer leave to the resorts of Europe or the Russian South, and the remainder tending to their dacha plots, on any given August weekend Moscow is practically a ghost town.

Lavka Lavka restaurant Moscow

Did you know that in Moscow you can do refreshing laps and work on you tan in just three metro stops from the city center?

Moscow Beach Serebryanny Bor

August is also pretty much the only time when shopping at the glitzy underground mega-mall Okhotny Ryad is remotely tolerable. “Thanks” to its location just steps away from the Kremlin and Red Square, and a mass-appealing mix of high-end and affordable brands, Okhotny Ryad is usually overrun with Muscovites and tourists alike. It’s like the metro in rush hour. Which is why I almost never go there. Except in August.

Okhotny Ryad Moscow shopping mallFor more fun ways to take advantage of Moscow in the summer, read the rest at



  1. That cafe, the one close to your home, def looks tempting. Not sure about the other – there’s an add over it reading ‘завтрак в му-му’, and I’ve read that “Му му” story, and it does not end well… just saying 😉

      • sorry, did not want to upset you, but that ad instantaneously brought back the memories of that sad story and how I hated that I had to read it out loud during Russian lesson back in school – I’m not into public display of my affections, tears, etc.

          • that’s a very very sad story By Ivan Turgenev. If you want you can find and read it online, or that’s what wikipedia has to say on the topic – ‘Turgenev wrote his short story Mumu (“Муму”) in 1854. The story tells a tale of a deaf and dumb peasant who is forced to drown the only thing in the world which brings him happiness, his dog Mumu’.
            Very very sad and cruel story

  2. Wow, it really is deserted! Sorry I stopped you from drinking the lady cider in Riga now – didn’t realise you were such a fan 😉 Though it probably wouldn’t have measured up!

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