Moscow House of the Artist Sculpture GardenClearly not satisfied with force-feeding you, dear readers, a monthly selection of Russian paintings, I have taken to sharing my art-loving ways on YELL.RU. So, if you are as much of an appreciator of pretty things as I am, and if you are ever in Moscow, read on to learn for ways to maximize and diversify your art intake in Russia’s capital city (SPOILER: there are cocktails!). 

The State Tretyakov Gallery is always written about as the top Russian art destination. Yet the collection, 150 years old and 2000-works large, is so much more than a visual anthology of the best Russian art works. A visit to the Tretyakovka is the most comprehensive education one can get about Russian history, culture, and that famed and infamous Russian Soul.


Tucked away on one of the less exciting stretches of Moscow’s Garden Ring, the Folk Art Museum, as it’s also known, is a diamond in the rough. From regional peasant dresses to carved housewares, from toys to decorative items, here you will find examples of everything associated with traditional Russian folk culture. The thematically-curated exhibits will take you from the steppes of Krasnodar to the forests of Siberia. The venue is intimate, blissfully crowd-less, and shares the space with a fun little Museum of Modern Russian History, itself worth a tour.


It seems like half of Moscow’s restaurants aspire to be art cafes, so the term as applied in this city is somewhat nebulous. Nevertheless, if you want to have a coffee while looking at something interesting and pretty, Moscow has no shortage of spots to satisfy both demands.

Moscow Folk Art Museum - Dymka toys

More, including aforementioned cocktails, here: 

Fine, here is a little taste...

Fine, here is a little taste…


  1. hey Anna
    when will you do a post on your Latvian/Estonian adventure? Id love to read it and see the pictures of all the mushrooms and berries;)

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