SEEING SPOTS (It’s a Zoo – Summer Edition)

So, the last time I illustrated the Russians’ love of leopard-print clothing, this blog doubled its daily site views record — and that new benchmark hasn’t been breached since.  Should we make a valiant attempt to set a new one? I even threw in some other animal prints, to mix it up a bit! This post has not one but TWO leopard-print jumpsuits; mixed animals in one outfit AND one garment; matching leopard top and bottom; two kitten motifs in one outfit, zebra-print top accessorized with striped bag with an actual zebra picture; leopard mixed with bright colors and other prints in the same garment; bedazzled leopard; leopard culottes, skirts, pants, tops, dresses and accessories; head-to-toe tiger print; leopard garments mixed with garments in other, clashing prints; and several people sporting animal prints, including leopard, in a single shot. Have we reached Peak Leopard? Not in Russia.

(for my captions, click through in slideshow mode)


39 thoughts on “SEEING SPOTS (It’s a Zoo – Summer Edition)

  1. No.No.No. Please you have to legally ban it.
    btw Im pretty sure Linda is all jelous looking at those pics and misses Latvia already=) if she ever visits you in Moscow, she just has to wear her Wilma top to fit right in:)

  2. I think leopard has made its way to America because I saw it everywhere in stores this summer. I don’t know why I didn’t stock up–now I’ll never fit in in Moscow!

  3. You cannot unsee some things, and I do not appreciate the visual attacks.

    ….though if that snake-print dress were a Birkin, you bet your bottom dollar I’d be carrying it.

  4. Leotard print is like the worst nightmare come true, and it is indeed spreading. While I do not mind leotard as such, somehow it’s probably way too difficult a print for most to pull of so instead of some touches of leotard we do indeed end up with these horrors.
    But I’m afraid it’s not the worst of them fashion faux pas. I hear it’s one again like trendy to wear socks with… sandals o_O If that’s true, I think my sane mind might be already in danger

  5. No! No! No! No! No! I can’t stand it anymore. It’s just not right. What’s going on? I mean, if you’re going to do skin. Do fur and quit the lizard and snake stuff. My eyes burn at the sight. Linda, it’s your fault for making this common knowledge. Now we’ll never get away LOL!

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