No real comment, just a photo report from the demonstration against Russia’s involvement in Ukraine that took place in Moscow today. Around 25,000 are estimated to have showed up. As far as I know there were no major incidents or provocations from anyone (yay!), there was lots of blue and gold combo (colors of the Ukrainian flag), the crowd was pretty diverse, including in terms of interest groups, though, at times, not particularly energetic, the security checks were really fast and efficient (the press had to go through with everybody else), and the police were pretty relaxed and “soft.” What shocked me the most was that after the protest wrapped up, the entire area – 4 kilometers or so – was cleaned up and re-opened to traffic in a matter of minutes. Crazy efficiency! Anyway… hopefully it was a good day for world peace.

Марш Мира 1 Марш Мира 2 Марш Мира 3 Марш Мира 4 Марш Мира 5 Марш Мира 6 Марш Мира 7 Марш Мира 8


18 thoughts on “MARCH OF PEACE

  1. I dont think that it was a Peace March.Because there were a lot of migrants from Ukraine with NATO and Right Sector flags.Pics are here and here .
    I think the March of Peace should be full of hiipies who are not politicaly engaged on one side.They should carry a Pacifics and flowers but not NATO or Right Sector flags.And they should shout a peacefull slogans which can force to peace both sides but not those sh*t which was shouted by the Ukrainian migrants and opposition.”Putin get away!”,”Russians get out of Crimea”.Sorry,but if you will shout the second slogan in Crimea you will be tortured even by not Russian military or police but by ordinary people no matter what nationallity they belong to(especially in Kerch where even the local Crimean tatars are pro Russian).You trying to make a peace in the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea but what you suggesting to the local Russians or pro Russians to do?To give up?To leave their motherland where their ancestors were born?Maybe you will suggest to lay down arms to both sides?No?You like to shout “Putin get away” and support the Ukrainian migrants shouting “Russian occupants get out of Crimea!”(no mater that most of Crimean cities are fonded by Russians)?Ok!Thats why I think that it is no a Peace March.It is a pro Ukraine march.

    • I was there (for 4 hrs!), I know who was there. Yes it was a pro-Ukraine march. Yes there was a LOT of anti-Putin stuff. And that’s fine. It went down peacefully. And it was called March of Peace, so that’s what I’m calling it, while simply showing what it looked like (because I had to give up my whole day off for a work-related project, so I might as well get a blog post out of it) – political debate is for other sites.

    • It’s like the whole thing just disassembled. The security corps waited for the last protesters to come through (no rushing), then they collected all the – not sure what they’re called – railing that lined the router, and loaded them right away onto the trucks, then all the police marched away onto large city buses that shuttled them off, then water trucks came in and hosed down everything, and then the remaining city cops moved the road blocks at all ends to the side and the cars moved right in. On our long stretch of a wide avenue it took about as much time as it was for our TV crew to pack up the satellite van.

  2. Poor Russians. will they ever get a chance to live in a peacefull totalitarizm-free country that does not attack its neighbors at random and is not widely despised and hated across the world? or will people like Oleg win and turn this beautiful country into a second reincarnation of the nazi-germany? my prayers and support goes to those at the peace march. and good luck to the Russian american non political reporter who does not have a political opinion and can always escape to new york if things turn too nasty. together with her designer bag. I hope she`ll manage just in time. its a pity that the rest of the 150 millions who sometimes tune in to some of that Putin`s propaganda on RT cant escape like her. hide behind a different identity say “Im just from new york” and escape the burden of guilt and shame that will be carried out by the citizens of Russia generations to come.

    • As a point of fact, RT is a foreign-market oriented channel. We don’t actually broadcast news in Russia/ in Russian at all.

      I dont have the burden of guilt and shame, I have a lot of pride in Russia, even when I dont agree with some policies. I’m pretty comfortable saying that this is actually how most people in Russia feel. I just like to have a few cocktails on vacation without having to be a spokeswoman for my country, which is apparently expected by nearly everyone I meet, just because I am from Russia (and without knowing about my job at all). Also I am not a reporter. And I have plenty of opinions, but getting into shouting matches over my thoughts on Russian politics is not why I started this blog. I already have my 16-hrs-day job for that.

  3. Fascinating. While I have many disagreements with Russian politics, I’m not naive enough to paint all Russians with one brush, and it’s cool to get this insight on a sector of the Russian community who don’t agree with Putin’s actions in the Ukraine. Heck – Americans within one political party can’t always agree with each other, let alone with Americans in other parties! Thanks for sharing these pictures; really appreciate it!

    • I’m glad you liked this! I try to stay entirely unpolitical on this blog, but this was kind of a big deal and I was part of it (even as an observer), so I decided to feature it and keep the commentary to myself :)))

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