As I noted in my last essay, this year in Moscow our Golden Autumn is a little bit less golden than usual.  Thankfully, fall being arguably the most beloved season of Russian artists, it has been captured in all its glory by many a painter. Which rendition from this lineup is your favorite?

Yunge Autumn day in the Lefortovo Palace park

Autumn Day in the Lefortovo Garden, by Ekaterina Junge.


Backwoods, by Arkady Rylov.

Kosnichev alexander sunday

Sunday, by Alexander Kosnichev.

Schilder шильдер овраг

Ravine, by Andrey Schilder.

GE Николай Николаевич Ге road in the forest

Road in the Forest, by Nikolay Ge.

Levitan in-the-forest-at-autumn-1894

In the Forest in Autumn, by Isaac Levitan.

Igor Grabar Ryabina

Ryabina (Ashberry), by Igor Grabar.

Zhukovsky 1 Последние Астры

The Last Aster Flowers, by Stanislav Zhukovsky.

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Russian Summer — June

Russian Spring — May

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Russian Spring – March

Russian Winter – 2

Russian Winter – 1

21 thoughts on “RUSSIAN AUTUMN IN RUSSIAN ART – September

  1. I’ve been really into gold lately so I’m going to go with the first one – I love the leaves hanging over the water. but, really, this whole post is just a bunch of beautiful. 😉

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