It is true that with its mostly limestone-gray Gothic exteriors of the old town and limestone-beige Neo-Classical architecture of the last two centuries Brussels is architecturally more somber and buttoned-up than a lot of it European neighbors. But take some time to hang around it and you will discover a million ways that the city is full of lively energy, fun and color. From vivacious bars, to street fairs and festivals, to rows of candy-colored…erm…sweets shops, to funky art installations, Brussels will surprise you with its brightness.

Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes is in Brussels

Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes is apparently in Brussels

The seafood alley of Brussels

The seafood alley in Brussels

Watching festivities in Grand Place

Watching festivities in Grand Place

Fun with reading in Brussels

Fun with reading in Brussels

Beautiful Brussels

Beautiful Brussels streets

Marshmallows in Galeries du Roi

Marshmallows in Galeries du Roi

Have you ever been surprised by a destination, when the “public image” of a place turned out to be pretty far from reality?


      • You’re totally doing great PR work – well, aside from the kid that’s grabbing his cock and giving me the finger, in multiple colors. And he hugs his mother with those hands!

        Otherwise, the food looks great and it’s all very quaint and old European – perfect for a locationship or a good pint.

  1. Barcelona – everyone raves about it. I have no idea why. 😉
    As for Brussels, again you made it look good 😉 Of course, there’s fun to be had anywhere but Brussels wouldn’t make it anywhere near my top ten of European cities!

  2. Ive never been to Brussels, always had a different picture of it. The idea of Bruges though is very appealing. Maybe i’ll take a chance, kill two birds/cities in one trip:) Thank you for sharing:)

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