October in the eastern heartland of Russia is the ultimate interplay of light and shadow. Even on the gloomiest, rainiest day Nature shining from within, lit up by the golden leaves, whether still on the branches or covering the streets and puddles like the lushest of carpets. And yet, even the warmest and brightest of fall sunshine is sliced through by the deep, dark lines of newly naked branches.


Autumn Alley, by Stanislav Zhukovsky


Sheep Grazing, by Arkady Plastov


Golden Autumn, by Isaak Brodsky.

Undull Garden, by __ Golovon

Neskuchny (Un-dull) Garden, by Alexander Golovin

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Early Autumn, by Ivan Shishkin


Autumn Morning, by Stanislav Zhukovsky


October, by Efim Volkov

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29 thoughts on “RUSSIAN AUTUMN IN RUSSIAN ART – October

    • I just got back from a day in the country. It is depressing how everything turned icy and gray overnight, or at least it seems that way, bc I was away for almost two weeks before 😦

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