Amsterdam is a treat for the senses – so many colors, sounds, flavors! Even deathly things – from dried flowers to skeletons napping atop porticos – have an air of whimsy about them. It’s a bit overwhelming at times, especially the traffic combos (trams, bikes, cars, boats and hordes of pedestrians), but very fun, friendly and full of surprises. And to think — I saw all of this and then some in just six hours!

Deathly architectural detail

Amsterdam street art

One vessel, two modes of quintessentially Dutch transportation

Only in Amsterdam - see-through bathroom doors

The making of something sweet. Break me off a piece of that candy!





  1. Oh hello cute guy in the second to last picture! You’ve made me miss Amsterdam again (you Anna, not the guy!) and staring at the picture of that delicious cheese is making me SO hungry. 🙂

  2. what great pix! a real treat with my morning coffee. Amsterdam is just a wonderful, friendly, interesting city with great art and music and food and . . . thanks for posting.

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