Grim, is what it is. Especially for the last two years. The leaves are gone, the grayness has sent in, yet there’s barely a snowflake in sight. Yet, Russian artists manage to draw inspiration even from the Nature’s bleakest scenes.

by Isaak Levitan

Autumn Landscape, by Isaak Levitan

by __ Brodsky

Late Autumn, by Isaak Brodsky

by __ Stepanov

Autumn, by Alexei Stepanov

by Stanislav Zhukovsky

First Snow, by Stanislav Zhukovsky

by Isaak Levitan

Manor in Autumn, by Isaak Levitan

by Vasily Savrasov

Landscape With Church, by Vasily Savrasov

by __ Polenov

Snow, by Vasily Polenov

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7 thoughts on “RUSSIAN AUTUMN IN RUSSIAN ART – November

  1. just lovely — thank you for posting. I guess it’s grim to live thru, but to look at in sunny Mexico, this art is a treat!

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