I kid you not. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the advert on the metro today. It looks like a caricature, a satire of the most sexist BS you will find online — except it’s not. It’s 100% for real. Hop on over to the caption for a translation:

Internet for women

Blue: You are reading the news? How boring… Pink: Not at all, it’s! //  Together: She’s lost so much weight…What a beautiful dress! …Wait, they’re back together again? // Blue: News doesn’t have to be boring! Pink: And like this — every day!    Internet for women.

I mean… I just… I don’t even know where to begin with this.

Forget corruption, war in Ukraine, or oil prices. That’s so BORING. Being a woman in Russia, the only NEWS I care about are the celebrity kind. And why stop with news, apparently I need a whole different Internet — pink, sparkly, and talking directly to my ladyparts!

But maybe this is just a very misguided ad campaign for an otherwise good product?

The website’s “About” page describes “the project” that is as “a look at life through the eyes of women and through a prism of women’s interests.” The ten subsections of the site are: celebrities, fashion, beauty, romance, psychology, diets, health, children, lifestyle and home. I guess this is the definitive and exhaustive list of interests of someone with a vagina.

Look, I have no problem with the so-called women’s interest publications, with fashion and celebrity gossip, or even with as a portal for these kinds of stories. God knows I consume more than my fair share of red carpet coverage and shirtless Hiddlesworth. But none of the media outlets through which I do it — hello, CeleBitchy, Lainey Gossip and Go Fug Yourself! — try to sell themselves as something they’re not: news, or news for women, whatever the hell that is. Nor do they talk down to me, saying that theirs is the only kind of information I might care about, being a woman and all. Yet this is exactly what the ad is doing — it wants me to go to this website for news, but only news that women want, which is fashion and celebrities! And diets! Ugh. Even Cosmo, which gets a lot of flack for articles like “30 new ways to give your man a blowjob while swinging from a chandelier” has a career column, and articles on political and social issues.

The award-winning website is eight years old, has a female editor in chief, and boasts more than 17 million monthly visits (that probably all come through the exciting pink Internet For Women). I hope that at least one of these readers can express to the editors, in eloquent Russian, why insulting 50 million of adult women in Russia is probably not the best marketing strategy for any business.



  1. I can’t have someone talking directly to my ladyparts? Well…there goes my social life :P. (Jeeze, I wish). I think Russia is a worse version of the racing world – It’s sort of made me more callous towards things like this. It doesn’t mean I’m not SMH and eyerolling it hard.

    Let’s be honest – if we want pink and sparkly, we’ll buy ourselves pink diamonds, non?

  2. OMG!How many butthurt here!Such sites like are popular among many Russian women who bored with all news from the Internet.It is hard to imagine but more than a half of all Russian women dont care about politics,war in Ukraine and oil prices.I dont found nothing discriminating there.Just another site fot TPs(stupid c*nts in Russian).
    Idont understand why do you get such BOMBANOOLO?)))))

    • I have no problem with this site or other sites like this being popular with women (Russian or otherwise). As I said, I read plenty of similar English-language sites. However, I disagree with the assumption that more than half of women in Russia care ONLY about this kind of content, as opposed to other news: oil prices affect exchange rates which affect our import power and thus inflation, something most women pay attention to as they manage more household responsibilities, such as grocery shopping; Ukraine affects sanctions and what produce you can get at a store – not to mention a possibility of male friend or a relative in the army being deployed to the border; corruption affects everything from how she’ll get her child into a good kindergarten or securing proper medical care for her elderly mother.

      I think a more realistic picture is one where most women care about these issues – AND want to read about the latest fashion and diet trends. But even if I accept that a large portion of them wants to consume ONLY the latter kind of news (sad for society, but whatever, it’s their choice), I still have a problem with a site – and its ad – that implies that all women are like that.

      Because this is exactly the pitch – is not selling itself as a fashion/beauty/celeb portal for some women interested in these topics, but as a NEWS portal to ALL women. I’m told that I, and all women, are bored by anything that’s not pink and shiny. It is beyond insulting. And as precisely the ad’s target demographic, I will be as butthurt and bombanoolo (whatever that is) as much as I damn please, with this total ad fail.

    • calling Russian women stupid cunts – oh how typical. that is the habit that Russian men picked up maybe ten years ago and when I read the Russian internet I come across this description all the time. Russian women are described by their men as stupid cunts for caring about cosmetics, pretty clothes and their appearense, trying to please their men by putting family above career and so on. basically I came across this even when I lived in Russia – men despising their own women and looking down on them for being feminine, pretty, trying to deliver to the guys` expectations. they are called stupid cunts for that while Russian men themselves often have golden teeth, never work out, wear smelly tracksuits to work and never, ever stop swearing. its funny though how Russian men often describe their own women as primitive but when a westerner like me appears in their radar, or a woman like Anna, they themselves get extremely butthurt. After being pampered and pleased by their women, a cold and honest opinion about themselves and the world throws them off. Strong and independant women are immediately labeled as feminisits who should “go and make a family” and sit by their husband and shut up. but than wont they immediately become the stupid cunts they you ve just mentioned? I wish I knew what russian men want. there si simply no way to please them.

      in my opinion working lazy, drinking and insulting their own women has become pretty much the norm there. I think you guys should start a portal – news specially for men that focus on mens interests. 10 different ways to battle hangover and show up at work pretending you`re sober. how to make your own samogonka when rouble has crashed and vodka prices went trhough the roof. how to beat up your wife without leaving any traces on her body for when police shows up (you might think this is a joke but Ive actaully seen such recomendations on a few Russian websites for men). how to cheat on your wife without her knowing how to insult and sexually harrass women at work and get away with it. and of course – 10 ways of outdoor ice fishing that wont make you infertile for life as it usually happens. plus yoga for passed out homeless drunks on busstops – a typical street work out for Russian men. this website would be wildly popular. also I always wondered how Russian men have the guts to put their own women while their own president and most famous man in the country is labeled as huylo all over the world.

      P.S. contrary to popular belief Russian women do care about politics. the situation in Ukraine has already led to an economical crisis that resulted in closing of hundreds public hospitals in the country so thousands of people may not have access to affordable medical care. thats not to mention how many boys in the army service are now being summoned to the Ukrainian border where they mysteriously disappear and return home in caskets. guess what women do tend to care a lot about their children. in case you didnt know.

      • I think you outline the dichotomy of expectations perfectly: if a woman is independent, childless (by choice) and career-oriented, she’s a dried-up slutty feminist wench. If she’s all about being pretty and feminine and pleasing her man and taking care of the children, then she’s shallow and stupid. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  3. Thank god. I was so sick of having to wade through Internet for Men (TM) just to find something that my little lady brain could understand!

  4. Wait, 30 new ways to what?!?! I gotta get a Cosmo subscription….just to stay informed 😛

    In all seriousness, I hate stereotypes. I hate them to hell. It seems like we live in a world where there’s no escaping from them. Especially on the internet.

  5. It’s nonstop isn’t it.
    To think, we could be reading about something other than who gained weight.
    My favorite is that half the people who gained the weight are pregnant.
    Do they know how that works?
    I swear, “woman’s news”

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