Blog Identity Crisis and Return to Moscow

Moscow PetrovkaAs I am sure some of you have noticed, for several months now there have been a bit of a content shift on Home & Away. What started out two years ago as a “double expat” blog about an Americanized Russian returning to the Motherland after nearly two decades abroad turned into kind of generic travel blog.

The switch barely registered at first. A year ago I had no plans to travel – and thus no plans to write about it. Then the trips started happening one after another, and all my time in-between got taken up by work, so when I’d finally get a moment to blog the only interesting goings-on were my travels (unless I grossly misjudged you all and this whole time you’ve been dying to read about my 16-hour days workdays and random weekend assignments).

Could becoming a [kind of a phony] travel blogger have been my destiny all along? Perhaps. Except for the foreseeable future, due to a combination of ruble devaluation and family priorities, I am staying firmly put in Russia. Right back where this whole thing started. And stuck between two blog worlds.

I decided that although I love recapping my adventures and impressions abroad – and while I will definitely get to my tales from London and the central Europe soon enough – for now I feel that need to recalibrate and put Moscow front and center for a bit.

Since my last trip wrapped up in early December, my life has reverted to its cycle of bed-cab-office-cab-bed and extended naps and CBS procedurals on weekends. To break up this routine I have been making an effort to have a totally indulgent and semi-active “me” half-day at least once a week. This usually involves a long walk in the park or an interesting neighborhood, culminating in a meal and a couple of drinks at some new (to me) place, and doing a little writing while there.

So, the next few posts on Home & Away will highlight just that: my Moscow Walks and Moscow Eats. If this sounds ok by you – please stay tuned 🙂

34 thoughts on “Blog Identity Crisis and Return to Moscow

  1. ::drums fingers on table::

    Waiting to hear all about your “me” days – you need them and I love that I will once again be able to learn about Moscow from a native-turned-expat-turned-native’s eyes. 🙂

  2. I understand your struggle. It can be a challenge to pin down your blog’s raison d’etre; I’m still dealing with that. I think it’s wonderful to focus back on Moscow as was your original intent, but throwing in a few travelogues here and there won’t be taken too amiss by your readers. 🙂

    • Thank you for the support! I do hope to find some balance at some point, or at least some peace of mind with whatever kind of hodge-podge this has become. I love structure lol! Btw, I think your “on the ground” category is quite a perfect solution for a frequent traveler!

  3. I agree with Jenna. Especially if you have Moscow Eats photos. Food pr0n is my guilty pleasure – and Russian food takes the cake, so to speak.

  4. It’s funny, on my “me-days” I don’t leave the house and I write or watch shows. Regardless of what you write, I’ll still be a fan of your blog! (Still waiting for those central Europe posts! 😉 )

    • You know, I do that too, but then Monday rolls around and if I hadnt stepped out, I feel like I didnt have any quality me time, like I went from being couped up in front of a computer in the office to being couped up in front of one at home. And bc I very rarely have time to take a walk or pop into a pub during the week, I have to make an effort on the weekends.

  5. Nice!!! Don’t worry about the change, sometimes we need readjust to make it work! Focus on what you find it better… I really like the idea of you writing a bit more about your country, not only places but also the culture 😀 and of course, whenever you travel, share it with us too.
    Hugs from Germany 😀

    • Aww, thank you! My blog started out all about Russia and then exploded into a mess 🙂 Hope you like today’s post about Maslenitsa in Suzdal – very culture-heavy, as Real Russia as it gets!

      • You’re welcome!!! Don’t worry, everything has a start, and with time you bring new things to it. All information is important, and it all has to do with your life and places 😉
        I will take a look at your post!!

  6. (don’t judge too soon. I’m constantly fascinated with your life and would love a play-by-play of your day any time!!) so wish I could be there to force you on jaunts around “our” city! 😉

    • Thank you thank you thank you, you are ever so sweet. You have no idea how much I need a “partner in crime” here. I think you really would enjoy Moscow, though we really can’t compete with SF weather wise. It’s snowing outside my window right now 🙂

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