Suzdal Russian villageSuzdal is ALSO famous for its zodchestvo — Russia’s traditional wooden architecture. Village (deryevenskiye) houses are decorated with ornate wood carvings, particularly around the windows, and painted in bright, sometimes clashing color combinations. They are a delight to look at in any season, but they really stand out in the winter, against white snow and grayish skies. Which one is your favorite ?

Suzdal wood architecture zodchestvo 8


24 thoughts on “DEREVENSKOYE ZODCHESTVO OF SUZDAL (say what??)

  1. OMG doors! And windows! And houses! Oh my! This town looks so quaint and picturesque, it makes me want to visit and just take and buyt 927650385620652 pictures and things.

    • The bright green with yellow and white accents is my fave – it’s just SO cheerful! Followed by the sky-blue, bc it’s my favorite color :)))

  2. After looking at each beautiful picture a couple of times, I can say that the orange one is my favorite. Or the green one at number 47. 😀

    • That lion motif on #47 was really unique – didnt see anything that elaborate through the rest of my (admittedly, not very long) walk through town.

  3. OMG these are all so wonderful!!! I want to live in one (after carefully dismantling it and moving it somewhere warmer of course) I’d go for the bright green one I think.
    They remind me of the traditional Ottoman wooden houses along the Bosphorus which also have “carved wooden lace” around the windows, though they tend to be painted in a whole range of pastel colours instead which look delicious in the sunshine.

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