Walk 2This is the second part of my long and meandering hike through Moscow. While part one was all about capital’s grandest landmarks basking in the rays of a setting sun, part two is straight-up Christmas nostalgia. I loitered around GUM shopping arcade, walked the historic Nikolskaya Street, went up to Lubyanka Square and its massive Children’s World emporium, then past the Bolshoy Theater and back to my neighborhood at the top of Petrovka Street. Nighttime was setting in, and all the holiday lights began to sparkle. Many stores and public places kept their decorations around well through February, for “good mood” purposes. Totally works, doesn’t it?

01 Red Square reflections 1 GUM shopping emporium 2 GUM Christmas ornaments

5 Nikolskaya Street 6 Nikolskaya Street 7 Moscow shopping windows 8 Moscow Print Yard 9 Moscow Print Yard 10 Moscow Print Yard 11 Nikolskaya Street 12 Nikolskaya Street 13 Moscow shopping windows 14 Moscow Shopping windows

15 Detski Mir children's emporium19 Theater Avenue16 Bolshoy Theater 17 Bolshoy Theater 18 Moscow winter lights 23 Merry Christmas on Petrovka 24 Merry Christmas on Petrovka

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