Travel Photo Challenge: EXPLORE THE ELEMENTS

I rarely do challenges, but this one is fun, and easy, and I was tagged by two people within a couple of days – Allane from Packing My Suitcase and John from Continental Breakfast Travel – so I decided to go for it, especially as it is yet another excuse to revisit my photo archives from last year’s crazy travels. Four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. The prize: did somebody say something about £5,000? The rules: some photos and you have to tag more people to do this. Eh, I’m skipping that part, will do this just for fun 🙂   (and because I really like the people who tagged me).


I keep thinking of the diverse Crimean landscape, of its deserts and forests, beaches and mountains, caves and meadows.


It was raining ever so gently that day in Croatia, by the Trakoscan lake. Water from above, water below…


This is not a sunset. It is a sunRISE on the Atlantic Ocean. Courtesy of my jet lag it was the most sunrise-filled week of my life.


Every breath I take…on lake Trakoscan.



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