Cathedral of Christ the Savior Moscow LightsThe small, pedestrian Patriarch’s Bridge connects the northern crescent of the city with Bolotny (Bog) Island in the Moscow River, and offers some of the best panoramas of central Moscow. It begins right behind Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the tallest (and one of the largest) Orthodox Christian church in the world, erected to commemorate Russian victory over Napoleon’s troops in 1812, blown up in the 1930s by the Soviets (in large part for the gold of its domes) and painstakingly rebuilt during the 1990s on citizen donations (read more fascinating history here).

Facing away from the Cathedral, to the left is the Moscow Kremlin in all its red-walled, golden-domed glory, as well as the imposing House on the Embankment, former residence of the Communist Party’s high-ranking officials up to Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev himself. To the right is Krasny Oktyabr (Red October), a fascinating piece of red-brick real estate that used to be a legendary confectionery factory but has recently been overtaken by art galleries, concept stores, high-tech start-ups and watering holes favored by expats and Moscow’s high-flying youth. At the end of the island is the infamous Peter the Great monument, the 8th tallest statue in the world (and the tallest outside of Asia), said to have been originally designed as a statue of Christopher Columbus whose head got remodeled after the U.S. refused to pay its exorbitant price tag.

Lest you think that the photos (taken in late January) are unfittingly snowy for an April post, let me assure you: this is EXACTLY what Moscow looked like all of the past week.Patriarshy Bridge Moscow

Cathedral of Christ the Savior Moscow from Patriarshy Bridge Cathedral of Christ the Savior Moscow

Cathedral of Christ the Savior Moscow facade 1 Kremlin Panorama and House on the Embankment Moscow Kremlin Panorama from Patriarshy Bridge Moscow Red October and Peter the Great Moscow View from Patriarshy Bridge Moscow

13 thoughts on “MOSCOW WALKS: PATRIARSHY BRIDGE on a Winter Night

    • Thank you – the biggest challenge is holding still in crazy winds so that the photo doesnt blur. I havent quite graduated to toting around a giant tripod like the girl in the last photo ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. You know how I love bridges – these are gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

    But….I’m hoping that if I ever visit you, it’s SUNNY and WARM…I have seriously had more than enough winter in the States.

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