AfiMall MoscowMoscow City is a ghost town on weekends. It also might very well be a ghost town on weekdays too – this skyscraper city known officially as the Moscow International Business Center has entered its third decade of development, and although a number of businesses have already moved in, the complex still has a “work in progress” feel to it. And once it’s finished, I reckon most of the activity will be still confined to the inside of a dozen or so of its shiny towers.

The towers, by the way, include Europe’s tallest building – Mercury City Tower, as well as the continent’s 3rd-, 4th-, 5th-, 9th– and soon to be 2nd-tallest buildings. Architecturally-speaking, my favorites are the double-helix Evolution Tower and the Mercury City Tower, which glows orange as if it’s reflecting sunset rays all day long.

Regardless of its occupancy rate, Moscow City is a sight to behold. Preferably from a distance, to see the skyscrapers towering over the rest of Moscow. For that reason, many of Moscow stalwarts consider it a terrible eyesore, the multi-peaked Mount Doom of Mordor casting a menacing shadow on the conservative, Soviet Empire-style residential neighborhoods and the golden domes of the capital’s churches.

Image: WikiCommons

Image: WikiCommons

For the best views of Moscow City, walk down the Taras Shevchenko Quai along the Moscow River. Cross over the Bagration (Bahgrahtee-on) pedestrian Bridge into the heart of Moscow City to get lost in a maze of steel, glass and concrete. Then duck into AfiMall – a massive, 5-storie shopping center that houses 400 stores, 50 cafes and restaurants, and a movie theater.AfiMall Moscow City 3 AfiMall Moscow City 1 AfiMall Moscow City 2 Moscow City Shopping 1 Moscow City Shopping 2

Actually, for a person like me who really detests shopping (I like stuff, can’t deal with people), AfiMall is a terrific destination: it is far less crowded than most of other big shopping malls in central Moscow, but has all the up-market and high-street brands your heart might desire. Plus really good gelato and big movie screens.

Moscow City 1

Moscow City Mezhdunarodnaya MetroMoscow City 10

Moscow City 2Would you ever go to a place like Moscow City?

21 thoughts on “MOSCOW WALKS: Skyscrapers in MOSCOW CITY

  1. I’ve grudgingly come to love Moscow City after having an apartment on the river (@ Krylatskoye) with a disgustingly awesome view of Moscow/Moscow City.

    Have you been to Sixty above AfiMall yet? Mediocre food but amazing view!

  2. They look so cool, I love that photo with them from a distance. I’ve been to La Defense in Paris and I loved how different it felt from the rest of the city. It’s so annoying that in Bucharest, whenever they build an office building, it’s just a glass box 😦

  3. It made me think of La Defense too. I like areas like this – the shapes, colours, reflections. ButI wouldn’t want to work there. Your suggested walk followed by shopping and gelato will be on my itinerary next time I get to Moscow.

    • I spent 4 months in Paris and never went to La Defense. Maybe I should have? Eh, I preferred my Paris, like I do my Moscow, charming and old 🙂
      But if you like this sort of thing, it’s not a bad walk – and it it book-ended by a park and a major avenue, so you can change scenery as soon as you’re ready.

  4. I’m ashamed to admit that when I lived in Moscow, Moscow City was one of my favourite parts. I loved arriving there early in the morning to teach a lesson and seeing all the colourful city lights. I also used to visit AFI Mall for all my shopping because it was so quiet – although that was when it first opened back in 2011/2012

    • No shame whatsoever – different strokes, and all that 🙂 I would be interested in going again at night, the posh bars there looked like they would be quite happening after dark.

      • Not really a fan of high places 🙂 so I’m happy to admire them from the ground. But I’ve seen pics of more historical buildings over there and somehow places that have both history and modern architecture are impressive. And interesting.

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