HERE’S TO 2016

So, this didn’t go according to plan.

My very ambitious blogging, photo-taking, walking-around-Moscow and other creative plans for the last few months of 2015 totally went out of the window — and then some.

In a totally unexpected turn of events, my job was to blame. And even though the BIG THING that had me (and dozens of my colleagues) laboring away virtually around the clock for two months is now in the metaphorical rear-view mirror, the mental, emotional and physical fatigue is still lingering.

In-between all the madness, I got to watch Russia go through a beautiful Golden Autumn, spend the most incredible week in London, work with Larry King, and experience my first German Christmas market in Berlin as part of a “decompression weekend.” Then a few days ago I tore myself away from my work station, and noticed that New Year’s was just around the corner, and Moscow has put on perhaps the most lavish and glittering display of holiday decorations in history. I might not have had the time, nor the energy to write about all of this (yet), but at least some of the best moments have been documented in my Instagram feed.

#Moscow is feeling very autumnal already. #thisismoscow #autumn #goldenautumn #fall #russiannature

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

The madness that is #Portabello Road #Market on Saturdays. #NottingHill #england #London #uk

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

#RichmondPark is so dramatic. #nature #UK #England #London #forest

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

Is that a #deer? Darn straight it's a deer, in #London's #RichmondPark. #England #UK #wildlife #nature

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

An evening in St. James, London. #London #England #UK #greatbritain #nighttime

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

What a way to wrap up an incredible week in #London – with #LarryKing!!!

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

A good day for being in the office, especially when the view doesn't hurt. #London #Thames

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

At the #BerlinWall . #Berlin #Germany #travel #europe #ussr #coldwar

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

#Moscow #MagicalMoscow #Christmas #MerryChristmas #ChristmasLights #Russia

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

I love #Moscow at #Christmastime!!! #Russia #Christmas #winter #lights #ChristmasLights #MagicalMoscow #Magic

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

Little red ridinghood and Big bad wolf in the snow. #Christmas #Moscow #Russia

A photo posted by Anna (@thisismymoscow) on

Here’s to 2016: to traveling and writing about it, to friends and family and colleagues who have become family, to loving work and loving yourself, to good food to share with good people, to some sanity in an increasingly insane world, and most importantly — to the tons and tons of beautiful white snow. It’s the one thing that always makes everything better.

27 thoughts on “HERE’S TO 2016

  1. Well it may have been exhausting but it looks like you managed to squeeze some very good fun and some amazing experiences into the last few months as well 🙂 P.s. that’s a stag, not a deer… sounds much cooler 😉

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  3. Moscow looks an ideal place for a family vacation. The greenery, spectacular view, city life and climate are all that makes a destination an enjoyable one. Christmas time looks fun there, would love to enjoy the same with my family. Putting it on my wish list, thank you for the inspiration.

    • A bit pricey perhaps for a big gang, but yes, it’s one of those rare places that really has something for everyone. As for Christmas, I found it to be more festive than in NYC and surprisingly much better – CHEAPER!!! – shopping, at that!

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