TRAVEL READS – April 2016

Perhaps a couple of you have noticed that I haven’t blogged much for the last, six months, but I haven’t fully disappeared into the abyss — just fallen through a wormhole and now trying to climb out. In the meantime, here are some good reads that have kept me tethered to the world of travel (oh, aside from last-minute trips to India, Tunisia and London, all in the last 10 weeks. Because life is mad).

Spring is slowly coming to Russia, which is a perfect opportunity for me to show you the beauty of the kind of countryside and nature that surrounds Moscow. Also this blog is an amazing gateway to exploring all of my endless Motherland – something that would take me a lifetime to do myself, and a couple more to blog about :)))) . (RussiaTrek)

I have lived abroad in two countries long-term, and two — short-term. All were life-changing, personality-defining experiences in many ways. But I had no idea that good or bad, being an expat carried actual measurable benefits (MentalFloss).

Adventurous Kate wrote up the unexpected benefits of traveling solo – which I do quite a lot – and I must say, the list is pretty spot-on ! (Adventurous Kate)

A friend of mine might be spending considerably more time in San Fancisco in the near future — this is for her, courtesy of another friend who just left SanFran (but moved to London to be closer to meeeee!): a dozen amazing day trips from the Golden Gate City. (MontgomeryFest)

Linda moved from Latvia to Germany and now she’s all pleasant and peppy and into Nature. Back in the day though, she wrote hilarious, must-read tips on spotting foreigners in Riga. (Expat Eye On Latvia/Germany)

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At the market. #maghreb #tunisie #Tunisia #nabeul #market

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Do you use AirBNB? Do you like to travel like a local? For me the answers are rarely and sometimes, but if you say “yes” and “yes” — there’s a new app for that. (MentalFloss)

I like Germany and I like sausages (hey now!). Sometimes, though, a German sausage is not what you expect… (Lady Of The Cakes)

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Old town Hammamet. #medina #hammamet #Tunisia #oldtown

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Are you into chocolate? I’m not – but I am really into Belgium, where I think I am heading again in July. Well, this Chocolate Tour of Brussels is the best of both worlds, and sounds awesome even for someone who prefers sausages over sweets. (Alex In Wanderland)

There is no definitive MUST list for London – the city is too immense for that – but I like this Top 10 list because it’s a nice mix of sights and activities, and of the touristy and the unexpected. (Packed Suitcase)

Over the past couple of years my travel wish-list went from more or less organized and orderly (inside my head) to all over the place, as travel blogs seduced me with new destinations and unexpected work and personal trips took me to places I never thought of visiting (see New Delhi, India). Ireland, Romania and Thailand have entered into my travel orbit, but one place is beckoning the strongest — northern Spain. Galicia was my favorite region that I visited while studying at a uni in Madrid (the greenery! the Celtic architecture! the uncrowded beaches and fishing towns!), and I want to go back to the Spanish North – particularly Galicia and Asturias – and do it properly. Here’s just a tiny taste of why. (Young Adventuress)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photo above is not of northern Spain. This is a recap of my last three trips in the Instagram form. I’ve temporarily given up on trying to chronicle my travels via the blog, which is where IG comes in handy! 

25 thoughts on “TRAVEL READS – April 2016

  1. Yeah it’s tough to keep writing when life intrudes damn it! I’m about two years behind myself. Keep the faith, don’t give up the race 🙂

  2. Love India! Oh..and Russia. Sigh.. Sometimes I just want to go anywhere and everywhere! Indian cuisine is one of my fave cuisines.
    About your instagram in your blog, how do you incorporate that? Need lessons here, as when I try to do that, it totally backfires. 🙂

    • I fell and sprained my ankle in India. I fell off a horse on a “look ma, no hands!” gallop. I danced till 2 am in London 😉 (figured I’ll give you a short preview)

  3. ‘Love your photographs Anna!
    The last time that I went to India was 11 years ago so I’m dying! ‘Dying to hear how you found it. Did you get Delhi Belly? Did a cow hit you in the butt? Did you step in poo? Did you dose yourself with large amounts of whisky and cola just so that you could sleep, on the overnight Indian train? Or was that just me!

    ‘Can’t wait! ‘Can’t wait! ‘Can’t wait……!

    • HAHAHA noooo I had a VERY different experience. Uniformed driver in an air-conditioned SUV. Only hotel/catered food. Only bottled water and vodka I brought from Moscow! No cow-to-the-butt but I did fell mess up my leg and was wheelchaired back to the motherland though!

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