Another month of not writing… but I feel like I might be getting closer to that mental place where I might write again, soon? Will June bring the magic? We shall see. But for now, have yourself some good reads, with my Instagram round-up of Spring finally coming to Moscow: 

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So you're stuck in #Moscow #traffic…

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Ever since Russia and South Korea agreed on visa-free travel in 2014 I have been casually mulling over the idea of visiting eastern Asia, mostly for cherry blossoms and sushi. But now I am particularly motivated to test out their new ice cream that supposedly cures hangovers. I’ve read before that Asian pears are supposed to be the absolute best hangover relief, period, so perhaps there’s some eastern magic involved? Just sayin’. (MentalFloss)

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#lilacs #сирень #весна #spring #moscow #москва

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Do you want to know how Europeans make fun of each other? Get ready for some innnnnteresting intra-continental stereotyping… that nevertheless tries to stay on the safe side of political correctness. PS – the joke that Ukrainians supposedly make about Russians? That’s actually a 1990’s joke by Russians about nouveau-riche New Russians. (The Guardian)


My last Italy trip was kind of a bust, but then I see photos Vlad’s stunning photos from the Amalfi coast and I miss it like crazy. Also, they kind of look like REALLY poshed-up Crimea, and I loved that trip, so, you know, that’s not helping my Italy travel bug. (Eff It, I’m on Holiday)

Speaking of Italy and memories, I had a strange sense of deja vu while reading Jennifer’s post about the charming, quiet, surprisingly non-touristy, given its super-central location and – cue favorite epithet of all travelers, authentic – Roman neighborhood of Monti. Then I realized that that’s exactly where I stayed on my 2008 visit. (This Off-Script Life)


Here’s an interesting story at the intersection of my three worlds: my one-time home of Rhode Island, my love of travel/travel blogging, and my job, which for a large part consists of communication strategy, branding and some advertising. This tale of Rhode Island’s new tourism campaign fiasco is a funny/sad must-read about how destination branding can go oh so terribly wrong.(New York Times)

My year in Europe for Study Abroad – split between Paris and Madrid back in 2003/2004 – was the first time I had ever traveled internationally, aside from moving to the U.S. in the 1990’s. It is still one of my most defining experiences to date. Kate wrote up her reflections on her own year abroad in Florence – and SO many of her take-aways echo my own. (Adventurous Kate)
While we’re on the subject of Paris (which I just got back from – more on that hopefully in June), Allane has a nice and easy round-up of fun things to do in Paris. As someone who lived in the city, I very much approve of her choices (and will add more ideas later on). One Paris fixture that somehow avoided both mine and Allane’s lists — but not that of the New York Times? A saucy but kindly prostitute. (Packing My Suitcase; New York Times)
By now you likely know that I simply cannot get enough of beer and sausage, but that’s nothing compared to the obsessiveness with which Germans treat these two foods.  Oh what a splendid history of beer-fueled debauchery dating back millenia! (BBC)

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Simply perfect

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NYMag’s Grub Street blog is on a roll, publishing mouth-watering series about the best of the best of the city in terms of food and drink, from brunch spots to beer stories to birthday cakes. For me possibly the two most important eatery categories to know in any city is where to eat well late at night and first thing in the morning. Here are NYC’s lists for best late-night grub & most creative breakfasts. Also, remember how I wrote about never-ever eating around Times Square? Well, if you absolutely MUST partake, Christine has some recommendations on how to avoid the worst of touristy pitfalls in the area, whether you’re after a burger or a cappuccino. (New York Magazine; C’est Christine)

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And sometimes you get a totally unexpected surprise like this :)))

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And while I am currently on hiatus from exalting the virtues of Moscow, yet with Moscow being at its ABSOLUTE BEST in May-June, here is the equally absolute best post I’ve EVER read on why and how you should do Moscow, making my case for me. Preview: “The looks you got when you announced you were going to visit Moscow will have already told you that you’re cool or mad…but the stories you’ll bring back from your trip will be the stuff hipster dreams are made of.” Don’t you feel cooler already? (Urban Travel Blog)

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Back to #MOSCOW!!!

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15 thoughts on “TRAVEL READS – May 2016

  1. Whoa, a type of ice cream that cures hangovers?! Crazy.

    Oh, and that article about Germany made me laugh out loud. They really are a bit obsessed with their sausage and beer, aren’t they? 🙂

    Thanks for the fun reads!

  2. I had to go back and reread your post because I was too distracted by your pretty photos, haha. Thanks for the mention! The article about stereotypes is hilarious :))

      • I’ve been seeing you around on social media (hope that doesn’t sound creepy lol!), I’m sure you’ll get your “pen” out again, when you’re ready….

        The trick is to not put too much pressure on yourself, focus on the stuff that you really like, and write about what you know lol!

        • And by Social Media you mean Twitter, into which I plug in when I go to work conferences, right? 🙂
          And ok, I am addicted to instagram bc that’s the only reminder of me having a life outside of work

  3. Beautiful photography. And whether you realise or not, you are writing, in your comments with your photos. Might not be your ultimate goal or perfection, but it is a start. And hey, gotta start somewhere right?


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