One of my favorite things about the holiday season in New York is the unveiling of the window displays of Bergdorf Goodman, the poshest and fanciest of all the posh and fancy department stores in the world. Every December I would rearrange my post-work commute so that I could swing by the BG store on 57th and 5th and spend hours parsing all the details of the installations. Bergdorf’s holiday windows are the best there are: year in and year out, they never fail to amaze in originality, creative interpretation of a seemingly straightforward concept, quality of execution, attention to detail and overall impact. They are magical, alluring, dazzling, delicious.

A few years ago, Bergdorf’s rendered all Seasons of the Year in a million shades of white with amazing depth. They then took the Travel theme beyond the realm of planes, trains and automobiles, and into celestial navigation and Age of Exploration.

This year’s theme: Holidays on Ice. All-American celebrations get a frosty treatment.

Holidays on Ice, 2013: Valentine's Day    Image credit: Ricky Zehavi via blog.bergdorfgoodman.com

Holidays on Ice, 2013: Valentine’s Day         Image credit: Ricky Zehavi via blog.bergdorfgoodman.com

Holidays on Ice, 2013: Halloween    Image credit: Ricky Zehavi via blog.bergdorfgoodman.com

Holidays on Ice, 2013: Halloween       Image credit: Ricky Zehavi via blog.bergdorfgoodman.com

Some of my own photos of Bergdorf’s windows through the years:

For more on Bergdorf Goodman’s amazing displays — holiday and otherwise — I highly recommend that you check out these portals:

Bergdorf Goodman’s Windows Blog

Tales of a Bergdorf Goodman Window Dresser

Bergdorf Goodman Display Archive


    • Absolutely! It’s best really early in the morning or after-hours, when the stores are already closed, so you can get close enough to take in the details and also can get a full shot without people obstructing the view!

        • In that case I strongly recommend that you check out 1-musical lights in the Time Warner center (they will be in post closer to Christmas), 2-the tree in the Museum of Natural History (one year they did a full origami one, covered in origami animals!), and 3-windows at Barneys – they are usually less Holiday-y and festive but more quirky, surreal and ‘with a message’!

          • Ooh – great tips! I keep promising myself I’ll take the kids to NYC in December just to see all the great stuff – in fact if we hadn’t just gone back in September, I’d probably pack them up for a quick weekend just to see those B-G window displays alone — they’re amazing 🙂 Maybe next year…

  1. Just beautiful. I love Manhattan at this time of year!
    I’m actually flying there this coming Tuesday for a job interview. Not sure I’ll have enough downtime to get to Bergdorf’s but you’ve given me incentive to see if I can squeeze it in!

      • they’re located on 8th, between 38th and 39th, so we may be stuck to midtown. Just being in the city at this time of year makes me happy. It’s been 2 years since my last visit. Looking forward to it, even though it’s just a quick day trip!

  2. Oh these are lovely. I don’t know what stores in LA even do this. SF it was Macy’s and Joseph Magnums, when they were around. Gumps does some lovely windows s well, just smaller.

    I needed a little Bergdorfs today, thank you.

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