Over the last two weeks you have heard all about how gorgeous Saint Petersburg is. You don’t have to take me at my word:

Streets, Buildings, Details.

Canals, Embankments, Bridges.

19 thoughts on “WALKING THE WALK

    • Well, I can only write on weekends now so I attacked the rest of my Piter photo pile with gusto – I already have something lined up for Wed and Fri.

      The coat is real mink. Please don’t kill me.

  1. Shame you didn’t get more blue skies but stunning nonetheless! No comment on the fur 😉 I’d smell like wet dog if I was wearing that here today – fucking snow… 😉

    • Oh by the way, I love your lovely fur coat. I have a small cream one. My mother-in-law gave it to me. It belonged to her aunt. It has pride of my place in my wardrobe but I haven’t dared wear it and I so admire my Russian students philosphy “I have fur. I’m glamorous. Get over it” stance!

      • Also it is very, very warm 🙂
        It looks a lot less out of place in Russia than it did in NYC, but I didn’t let that deter me either!

    • Saint Pete’s has that in spades, but Moscow has some gorgeous estates, hundreds of museums and markets, infectious energy, and the most magnificent architectural complex of all – The Kremlin!

  2. I do have to see The Kremlin and when I do, I’m taking my fur coat, although I do have an alternative that makes me feel rather Russian. It’s long and brown with leather and fur around the collar. My husband thinks I look like a camp Russian soldier but I think I look like a “Natasha” LOL!

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