CRIMEA, Day 18: Gone Fishing

Black Sea Crimea sunsetI didn’t really know what to expect. I had been fishing before – pike fishing in the forest streams near Moscow and deep-sea fishing for 8-lbs somethings in the Atlantic. But what would the Black Sea bring?

Whatever it was that I was not expecting, this was… something else.

Left and right tiny silver creatures were getting hooked (oi) two, three, four at a time, with minimal effort on my part. A brief review course on how to properly handle a rod (oi) served mostly to make me look like a pro in photos.

It was twilight, the skies were pink, dolphins were flipping about – and I was alone (not counting the crew) – on my favorite pirate ship. It was perfect.

Then it was made more perfect by the ship’s first mate chopping the heads off these tiny stavridki with industrial speed and efficiency, dipping them into salted flour and frying them up whole, right there on the boat, for my dining pleasure.

Crispy, delicious and perfect for all that beer we brought aboard for the trip. We enjoyed them well into the darkness of the night.

And that, my friends, is how the sun set on my Crimean adventure.

Black Sea fishingBlack Sea Crimea twilight

Nightfall at Novy Svet

16 thoughts on “CRIMEA, Day 18: Gone Fishing

  1. Fishing is just an excuse to drink beer. It looks like this qualifies as a successful outing.

    It would have been more impressive if you had dove in and caught them by hand. I thought the previous post was foreshadowing your noodling skills.

  2. I went fishing three times in my life, the first time we caught enough to have a great dinner, the second and third times we caught something at the supermarket because our fishing experience had failed. Beginner’s luck, I guess. Lovely pictures, I think it was a perfect ending (that picture with you and the fishing rod is so cute!) 🙂

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