1. I hope you didn’t take these pictures yesterday! Brrrr! I hear all the stalls and stuff will be up until the 11th – I’m hoping to get in one more time before they all shut down!

    • Yesterday and the day before – but I was well-minked πŸ™‚ I actually have been loving the weather the last few days – so crisp and properly wintery! I am not excited about going back to work on Monday….

  2. It looks lovely! However, I am well over winter, we had some -15 – -20 days and the roads (sidewalks as well) were super icy. It got warmer this weekend and then it snowed last night. Not it’s all melting. Again! 😦

    • I bet Colorado remains a winter wonderland throughout the season – it’s so much more environmentally clean than Moscow! But hey, I’ll take my small pleasures wherever I can get them πŸ™‚

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