Moscow Easter Market 8Moscow REALLY turned up Easter this year. Word on the street was, city officials have decided that with all the #sanctions, ruble woes, Ukraine and endless winter the people needed some extra cheering up this year.

And so, Christmas decorations stayed up all the way through March, only to be immediately replaced by Easter decorations the likes and intensity of which Moscow has not seen before (Moscovites: feel free to correct me but I remember nothing of this sort from the last few years).

Eggs galore! Beautifully painted Easter eggs spring up in central Moscow. Christmas Markets were reincarnated in Spring-appropriate form, selling sweets and treats from all over the country (I highly recommend strawberry-blended honey – and I don’t even like honey!). Tverskoy Boulevard got a menagerie, shashlik barbecue, an outdoor photo gallery, doll-rendered installations of traditional Russian Easter celebrations, and an Easter/Spring-themed children’s art contest set in a maze made of giant pencils. Oh yeah.

With weather cooperating fully – 17C and sunny! – it was the most festive Easter celebration I can remember.

Does your town go BIG for Easter?

Moscow Easter 1

Moscow Easter 5 Moscow Easter Market 5 Moscow Easter Market 6

Moscow Easter Market 1 Moscow Easter Market 2 Moscow Easter Market 3 Moscow Easter Market 4 Moscow Easter Market Moscow Easter Market 7 Moscow Easter 9 Moscow Easter 10 Moscow Easter 11 Moscow Easter 12 Moscow Easter 4 Moscow Easter 13

Moscow Easter 16


  1. Soooo cool! Here in Munich I didn’t find anything like this… plus the weather wasn’t so good and in Russia!
    I didn’t know you guys had this strong tradition with Easter, interesting.
    I like the mini dolls… they are so cute ❤

  2. We also had a very nice day (24C and sunny!), but there weren’t any decorations (that I’ve seen). Easter is usually a holiday that can easily go unnoticed here (if you don’t go to church, that is).

    • Usually Easter is also very church-centric too, but this year they made it into a city-wide secular-adjacent celebration. And 24C! Man, I’m jealous!

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